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Healing Your Body

How the body heals itself…

In Dr. Bernard Jensen’s book, he explains Lewis Herring’s “Law of Cure”. The body cleanses and repairs itself from the head down, from the inside out and in reverse order from which it began to break down. In the body’s journey through health renewal, the brain sinuses, other head areas will heal before the legs and feet (top to bottom) the internal organs and glands heal before the external skin (inside to outside) then the body will heal in reverse order of degenerative symptoms. It is remarkably interesting to walk back through your health history as you cleanse if you understand that this is what is happening. If you have had a toothache and used Novocain, as the body cleanses your gums will ache as the Novocain clears. If you had a sports injury at one time and used cortisones, as the body cleanses, you will once again feel that site of the injury.

We don’t catch diseases, we create them by breaking down the natural defenses according to the way we eat, drink, think and live”. Hering’s Law is a very important law to understand and remember. It is imperative to follow this law in order to allow the body to eliminate toxins created daily.


Loving you well is our passion

We offer a variety of immune boosting wellness programs to help manage chronic pain, weight issues, over infestation of yeast, hormonal imbalance, and many other life altering symptoms. We also offer skin care and body wraps with lasting results.

With our M’lis supplementation and Detox herbs we provide the most natural ingredients in the highest quality possible on the planet that the body and skin need most to reach a level of complete wellness.

We strengthen and aim to perfect through researched methods and total programs which are 100% all natural and completely absorbed by the body for lasting results. We use the body’s own ability to heal naturally and provide and assist it to do what is necessary for optimal health. Improving their overall quality of life.

With our trusted word, our clients experience, one on one daily support to give them the best opportunity to succeed on their wellness program. Our coaching support is continued upon completion of all wellness programs with each client in their effort to maintain optimal health. We are part of the program before, during and after. Our formulas are created and proven to work. That is our commitment to your wellness. We appreciate you choosing us to be apart of your wellness journey.

Be sure to visit our M’lis Shop and view our testimonials and videos.

Consultations are 75 minutes we look forward to loving you to wellness.

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Tranquility Stress Relief

M’lis TRANQUILITY is an enhanced stress-relieving formula with the ability to help calm the nervous system and promote relaxation. Natural ingredients work synergistically to alleviate symptoms without chemicals and without the tendency for addiction.

Tissue Repair Cream

REPAIR can help to reverse the scarring process and diminish most types of newly-formed scar tissue. REPAIR helps with all types of dry and damaged skin, including burns, scars, eczema, psoriasis, stretch-marks, abrasions, poison oak, poison ivy, and sunburn.

Weight Loss

M’lis’ Weight Loss Packets contains everything that your body needs to naturally and safely lose excess weight, while increasing your energy levels without destroying your metabolism or stressing out your adrenals. 

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What our clients are saying!

In 2004 I became very ill. At first the doctors could not tell me what was wrong with me. I was short of breath, and hurt all over as if someone had beaten me over and over. They did tests upon test and all lab work was extremely elevated. They checked my heart, lugs, and bones and could not give me an answer why I felt so bad. I had several skin biopsies which did not show anything. they were thinking CANCER somewhere but found nothing. Thank God for that. Finally saw a Rheumatologist who eventually diagnosed me with DERMATOMYOSITIS. Anyway after years of treatments, medications and testing. I finally told the doctors NO MORE. This all stopped in 2014 I had seen an advertisement for the THE DETOX LADY and decided I would call and see what she had to offer. What did I have to lose?

When I first met with Miriam, she told me about detoxification and what I could expect, she told me that it was not a quick fix but I would definitely start to feel better. She did tell me that I would feel worse before I would start to feel better. I started the program in January 2015. I was weighing 180 pounds at that time. Day after day I followed the program and slowly started to feel better. Aches and pains were less and the shortness of breath was also better. My weight also started to drop. My clothes were feeling very loose. I had more energy and was definitely happier. I finally did not hurt all over. When all was said and done, my weight was down to 140 pounds, no shortness of breath and I did not hurt. I went for a follow up appointment with the doctor and she was surprised and happy to see that I had lost the weight and all my lab work was finally normal. She said that she no longer needed to see me again unless my symptoms came back. I continue to do the detox every 3-4 months and have kept the weight off. I am a happier person.

Thank you to Miriam Figueroa and M’lis 

Barbara F.

When I met Miriam the Detox Queen she was my neighbor. As we begun talking I couldn’t help to ask what she did to stay fit. It seemed she must be doing a lot of working out. She began to tell me that she was a health coach and she takes herbs in capsule form that cleans the blood kidney and liver of toxins. A detox program is what she called it. I was intrigued as she showed me her own before and after pictures. Then she showed me other clients pictures and of her own mother’s before and after results as well. 

I couldn’t believe the difference. I was always active at the gym and thought I was doing everything as best that I could for my health and fitness goals. 

When Miriam told me she had tried a lot of other stuff in her life for weight loss etc., and she finally found the very best, well I had to try it. I started with a basic kit and immediately felt and saw great benefits. I was feeling better first and foremost. I was getting compliments on my skin and that I had looked younger. then came the weight loss that started to drop. My joints and body pain subsided significantly. I slept better and my mind was refreshed, I was very impressed. the first two weeks I lost 14 pounds and my energy was up. I was actually eating and taking the herbs that really do clean top to bottom and inside and out out as Miriam explained. 

To date at the age 60 my physician cannot belive my blood work. 

I’m down 35 pounds and every area of my life has improved. Miriam coached me through the program and she’s the coach that I needed and that I was looking for. 

If your looking for a transformation that last and really works. I recommend Miriam and her M’lis programs. They really are the best and so is she as far as I’m concerned. 

Oscar C.

I would like to share my story with everyone and how detoxing allowed me to enjoy working out and my family… When I was introduced to Miriam Figueroa, I was going to get a deep tissue massage,  all my joints hurt me and I felt very run down. Meeting Miriam introduced me to M’lis, I went on the program and within the first eight days I was able to work out and do my squats wihtout my knees and joints hurting. My energy level increased and as I continued on the program, I lost 20 pounds in a very healthy way. I continued on for approximately six months and I ended up deviating from the program. I am now very excited about restarting the program and restarting my life again. Everything has a new beginning and and no matter how many times we make changes it’s always for the be better. The trust I have in Miriam and her knowledge and education of detoxing allows me the confidence that I need to get back on the program. I realize I have only one life and I am going to give it my ALL…

Thank you Miriam, for never giving up on what you believe in and being a blessing in  my life… 

Deborah T.

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