Dump the junk and fill-up on system cleansing benefits. Engineered for body purifying power, freshly harvested herbs provide immune boosting support and beauty promoting power – for results you simply cannot get enough of.

DETOX Body Purifier helps cleanse your circulatory, lymphatic, and respiratory systems as part of a M’lis Detoxification Kit or it can be used on its own to daily strengthen your immune system.


  • Removes mucus and congestion
  • Purifies the blood stream
  • Cleanses the lymphatic system
  • Restores energy
  • Removes chemicals and food additives from the system
  • Expels viruses
  • Reduces the duration of sickness


Red Clover Blossom Burdock (Root)
Dandelion (Root)
Echinacea Purpurea (Herb)
Ginger (Root)
Sarsaparilla (Root)
Oregon Grape (Root)
Burdock (Seed)
Golden Seal (Root)
Yellow Dock (Root)


Quantity: 90 capsules

Suggested Use: 

2-3 capsules twice daily
2 capsules twice daily will last 22 days
3 capsules twice daily will last 15 days

Shelf Life: 7 years


Do not use if on blood thinners, pregnant, or nursing


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