Cover all of your health and beauty basics and beyond with these perfectly proportioned daily on-the-go packets. Each of these six essential supplements deliver a range of body-lovin’ nutrients right where you need them – for benefits that extend from the hair on your head, down to your last pinkie toe.

M’lis DAILY ESSENTIALS convenient grab-and-go packs contain six supplements of the highest quality vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that benefit any body at any age. These are a indispensable for anyone balancing great health and a busy life! The combination of supplements is designed to address deficiencies caused by improper nutrition or inability of the body to absorb vital nutrients provided by a normal diet. Taking Daily Essentials helps to ensure that the body is receiving a consistent balance of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. This helps to reduce the risk of disease, maintain optimal health, and improve the body’s ability to live longer and stronger.



  • FISH OIL (highly concentrated from sardines)


Quantities: 1 box (28 packets)

One pack daily - lasts 28 days
Two packs daily - lasts 14 days


Suggested Use: For therapeutic level take 2 packs daily For basic support take 1 pack per day


Shelf Life: FISH OIL - 7 years
CALCIUM - 3 years
VITAL - 7 years
ENZYME - 3 years
DAILY - 2 years
VITAMIN D - 7 years


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