M’lis All-Natural Weight Loss Bundle


Drop it like it’s hot and jump into body-slimming benefits with each and every one of the enclosed 28 weight loss packets. This waist-trimming cocktail mixes-in all of the necessary ingredients you need to safely drop unwanted pounds faster – giving you visible, long-lasting, body-loving results.

Each Weight Loss bundle of bottles contains everything that your body needs to naturally and safely lose excess weight, while increasing your energy levels without destroying your metabolism or stressing out your adrenals. Formulated to assist in achieving clean-living goals and to trim stubborn fat, this kit works best when used in conjunction with a program (Candida, Wellness, etc.). To reach ultimate results, a daily program of healthy eating and regular exercise is recommended.


Boosts energy

Eliminates toxins that prevent slimming down

Appeases the appetite naturally

Physically breaks up fat within cells


Tonalin CLA

Green Coffee Bean Extract Green Tea 50% ECGC Gymnema (Leaf ) Sulveste Raspberry Ketones Hawthorn (Berry)

Gotu Kola Herb

7 Keto DHEA Bladderwrack Citrus Peel Extract Burdock Root Fennel Chickweed Herb Dandelion

Licorice Root Parsley Herb Kelp

Siberian Ginseng Guarana

Sweet Cinnamon

Quantity: 1 box (28 packets)

Suggested Use: Take one to two packets daily

One box will last 14-28 days

Helpful Hints: To lose less than 20 lbs., take one packet daily. To lose more than 20 lbs., take two packets daily (one-half hour before breakfast and one-half hour before lunch).

Shelf Life: 2 years


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