21 Day Detox Cleanse Kit

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Discover how amazing you can look and feel when your body is truly clean. The essential detoxifying herbs in this kit gently cleanse vital organs and the intestinal tract to breathe new life and energy into the entire body!

$76.00 each

PROBIOTIC Synergized Acidophilus

Balance and bloom gut flora. Formulated with goldenseal root, garlic, and 10 billion live organisms to discourage inflammation, and encourage radiantly clear skin.

$29.00 each


These leafy lovelies spend days on end soaking up good vibes from the sun and sipping on pH-balancing nutrients. Sourced responsibly from sunny organic fields, this splash of greens gathers up health and beauty loving benefits that will last you a lifetime.
$30.00 each

Blender Sipper Bottle

Our M'lis Blender Sipper Bottle/ Cleanse Bottle is perfect for either a quick mix of your favorite M'lis Replacement Meal with easy measuring on your liquid days. I

*Please wash your M'lis Blender Sipper Bottle with warm soapy water before use. 

$8.00 each


Convenience and ease is suspended in 100% nutrition - Scoop-able energy that will follow you wherever the busy road of life may take you.

Learn how our bodies become toxic
Learn how to properly read labels and quickly spot harmful ingredients
Learn the importance of detoxification and why it should be done quarterly

You will be coached through our program daily plus we'll share our Detoxification tips and tricks to tasty foods!

Also learn the importance about different herbs and vitamins for your health.

Miriam wants to educate you to be a healthier version of yourself
Mind, Body and Soul ❤️

Happy Healthy You
Miriam Figueroa Holistic Health Coach

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