Everything you need to detox your body to either kickstart your optimal health journey, brush-up your beauty game, or give yourself a periodic reboot.

EACH KIT CONTAINS: We started with the super-fly effective M’lis Total Body Cleanse Kit and added PROBIOTIC to improve your gut health, Slender Aid to calm your mind and appetite and an your choice of MRP* to round out quick, healthy meal replacements for when you are on the go.

That’s not all. We also included a Blender Bottle/ Cleanse Bottle for either a quick meal or easy measuring on your liquid days. In addition, we’re also adding the most up to date VITAVORE(R) approved Food Guide to help you move into a healthier lifestyle.

Last but not least, we’re also giving you access to a professionally coached 7 Day Full Body Reset. ALL of this is included in your bundle to give you the maximum value so you may succeed in your personalized health or beauty journey.

*Please make sure to select your flavor of choice in the options above


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Full Body Reset Kit Includes:

1 Bottle of M'lis SLENDER AID Appetite Appeaser - V-Caps
Willpower in a bottle! This hunger-bustin' blend naturally helps to quiet a growling stomach, break down fat, and balance blood sugar levels - giving you an extra push towards long-lasting weight-loss results.

1 Container of M'lis M.R.P. Instant Meal Shake (choice of flavor)
These Candida-friendly meal replacement contains whey from grass-fed cows in New Zealand. The shake mix instantly with cold water and/or nut milks. It can be used as a perfectly balanced meal replacement for people on the go. This is the most nutritious, easily digested, shelf stable whey formula on the market. Available in delicious chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and orange cream.

1 Bottle of M'lis PROBIOTIC Synergized Acidophilus
M’lis PROBIOTIC contains friendly microbes to control the population of hostile bacteria and yeast. This is evident after times of intense stress, infection, antibiotic therapy, or any event that may cause immune system depletion. Probiotics are also known to maintain or revive overall health. The Lactobacillus-Acidophilus blend is enteric coated, which ensures the live cultures will be absorbed in the intestines, where it is needed most.

1 Total Body Cleanse
The 7-Day Health and Beauty Rejuvenation System allows you to achieve the same great results as our traditional cleanse program by offering individual daily packets. This kit contains all the supplements and essential greens to complete a 7-day detox, which prepares the body to achieve optimal health. It is simple to use and keeps up with your busy lifestyle, allowing you to take your detox on-the-go.

1 Blender Bottle/Cleanse Bottle

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Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Mocha, Orange Cream