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What are Hormones?

Hormones are chemicals secreted by glands in the body. Once a hormone is released into the bloodstream, it circulates to a target gland. The hormone acts as a messenger, instructing the target gland to make its own hormone.

 “Hormones at Every Stage”

The M’lis Hormone Balancing Program

The M’lis Hormone Balancing Program assists the body in naturally producing the hormones you need. Other hormone programs provide the body with hormones just enabling our hormone producing organs to completely stop working on their own and rely on these outside hormones.

The M’lis Hormone Balancing Program is a complete system that first detox’s your blood, tissue and organs. This sets the stage for a 3 part play. Part 1 is your nutrition. Here at Alternative Health we will provide an easy and comprehensive guide for nutrition. We also will provide you with a whole host of recipes, meal plans and shopping guides to ensure proper nutrition. Part 2 is supplementing your diet. Even with the perfect diet we can’t get the optimal nutrition due to soil depletion and toxins. With this in mind M’lis provides complete nutrition through supplementation and the M’lis Meal Replacement Shake. Once your body is cleaned, prepped and the immune system is strong then comes Part 3. The final act of the play is specific supplementation for your hormones. These M’lis Hormone Balancing products give your hormone producing organs the ingredients they need to produce hormones naturally and in the correct amount.

The body makes dozens of hormones that regulate functions throughout the body. Some hormones regulate the fighting off of viral and bacterial infections, others regulate digestion, others help manage stress and regulate body tension and blood flow. The ovaries, adrenals, pituitary and hypothalamus regulate levels of estrogen, progesterone and androgens. As we age and our lifestyle affects our immune system, and then affects our hormone producing organs and glands, there becomes a need to change lifestyle to promote healthy hormone production. (For lifestyle changes, work with your M’lis educator on your specific program). The conventional medical approach to hormonal imbalance involves the idea that hormone balance in the human body is purely chemical. However, there are natural remedies that are safe and effective, not only for menopause, but at anytime a woman or man’s hormones are out of balance. Plant extracts make molecules that are precursors of human hormone, both estrogen and progesterone, and these extracts are easily converted. Plants contain hormones that regulate cell metabolism and growth. Some plant foods contain substantial amounts of sterols that are precursors to estrogen and progesterone.

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